This is one of the more unusual manifestations of attention for Eleven Hours that I’ve seen. (Naturally, I am happy for almost all attention.) Somehow the novel has popped up on a wiki video site list of “10 Powerful Reads That Explore Modern Femininity.” I say unusual because the video seems narrated by a non-human entity and has for me a sort of cyborg feel to it, but the other entries on the list are intriguing, and so was seeing what images someone chose to illustrate my novel.

THE VIRGINS & James Salter

I might have been more comfortable with an article title more along the lines of: "If you liked these great books by men, here are some soulmate volumes by women . . ." but then I don't like a fight. (The intro is actually gentler, and I love the comment about royalties!) I'm very happy to be on this list, side by side with you-know-who.



ELEVEN HOURS in Match Book (New York Times)

It was nice to see Eleven Hours show up in the Match Book column's recommendations to a reader who wanted "a good book to read in the last months of my first pregnancy"--nothing   "patronizing" or "preaching" or that would leave her "despairing and enraged." And I applaud the columnist's inclusion in her answer of Elisa Albert's AFTER BIRTH, Rivka Galchen's LITTLE LABORS, and Louise Erdrich's THE BLUE JAY'S DANCE (which a dear friend in fact gave me during my first pregnancy).. 

ELEVEN HOURS in The Guardian

So pleased by this review of Eleven Hours by critic Lucy Scholes, coinciding with the paperback release in the UK. I enjoyed Scholes's comment that the novel displayed "audacity," as well as her description of it as "delightfully stomach-churning" (!).  Not to mention this:  "[Erens's] most impressive skill is the effortless way she transforms the commonplace into the captivating."