I’ve always loved working with words, my own and other people’s. I spent 12 years after college working as a magazine editor (8 of them at Conde Nast’s Glamour), before turning to freelance editing and my own writing projects. I have published three novels. These have received major review attention (NPR, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, etc.), have been short-listed for national awards, and have appeared on the end-of-year Best Books lists of The New Yorker, Kirkus, NPR, The New Republic, and others. 

If you’re looking for an independent editor for your work, it’s important that you get a good fit. After you contact me, I will read a short sample of your work and we can discuss whether I’d be right for you and your project.

I work on both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. In nonfiction I have a particular interest in narrative nonfiction, essays, memoir, cultural and literary criticism, and topics of feminist concern.


I work on a hard copy of your manuscript, so I can make margin notes as I go along. I will address all major issues, including plot, characterization, setting, mood and tone, pacing, dialogue, structure, and theme. I will read the manuscript in light of what you’ve conveyed to me you are trying to achieve for your book. I want to help you write the book you want to write.

In addition, I will pay attention to the little things: syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction. How much of this I do depends on how much of it you want. 


After I’ve read and commented page-by-page on the manuscript, I will type up an editorial letter that will run most likely between four and seven single-spaced pages. I will summarize my response in the way I think will be most useful and clear to you. 

The letter will be followed by a phone conversation, usually lasting about an hour, at a mutually convenient time. We’ll talk about the letter and any questions you have about next steps.


Here are a few things people have had to say about working with me:

Pamela was invaluable in helping me complete my first novel. Her enthusiasm and insight helped me return to each draft with renewed energy and clarity. Scene-by-scene, Pamela identified elements that were working well, and made thoughtful suggestions about how to strengthen characters and plot lines that weren’t central to my story. Warm, practical and thorough, Pamela enabled me to find the emotional core of my work, while encouraging me to be true to the unconventional narrative voice I had chosen. Perhaps most importantly, Pamela sensed when the book was done and ready to go out to agents. I could never have published my debut without her.  
—Joanne Serling, author of Good Neighbors (Twelve/Hachette)

Pamela's careful, creative intelligence on my manuscript was invaluable. Her detailed comments on characterization, pacing, and point of view helped me to strengthen my novel pre-publication.  What I appreciated most was Pamela's emotional astuteness: she knew, intuitively, what I was intending (even in places where I wasn't accomplishing it), and offered clear, detailed suggestions for how to improve my work. 
—Jennifer Rosner, author of a to-be-titled novel, forthcoming from Flatiron/Macmillan

Pamela Erens has an impressive talent for evaluating work. She was able to identify for me the areas where the pace of my novel flagged as well as scenes and chapters I needed to cut or rewrite. It was exactly what I needed to finish American Past Time successfully. I was very satisfied with the experience and enjoyed working with her. Her observations and insights made me a better writer.             
—Len Joy, author of American Past Time, Letting Go, and Better Days

If you are fortunate enough to have Pamela Erens edit your book you will without a doubt be amazed by her ability to deeply read your work and offer a spot-on critique of characters, plot, pacing, dialogue, grammar, and consistent authenticity. Every hour she spends with your writing results in a celebration of your strengths and an extraordinarily clear, precise and complete overview that serves as a treasure map for making your book better. I am so grateful to be able to take my manuscript to the next level because of her excellence.
—Jacqueline Kaufman

Pamela Erens is a thorough and generous editor. She told me what was and wasn’t working and why, but she did not prescribe. She organized her feedback in a way that made it easy for me to address various issues as I revised my manuscript. I found that enormously helpful. Above all, she understood the story I wanted to tell. Her critique encouraged me to find a better way to tell it.
—Deborah Good

Pamela's advice on character development proved to be indispensable. Her detailed notes were practical and straightforward. I went from feeling overwhelmed and insecure about the manuscript to having a clear sense about how to move forward.
—Valerie Palmer


Please e-mail for my rates and to ask any questions you may have.